New Flock and 406 Errors

I’m liking the Flock web browser. It’s pretty seriously redesigned, and includes a lot more support for various online services such as Ma.gnolia. It does have extra support for Myspace but not Facebook, which is… odd. Nevertheless.

In setting up my new Ma.gnolia account, I discovered a problem with WordPress. Flock lets you blog straight from the browser interface, rather than logging into the WordPress site. Ma.gnolia, similarly, lets you post Ma.gnolia links straight from Ma.gnolia. This is pretty cool.

However, when I tried to set up this site to work in Flock, it consistently failed. Boo. Likewise, Ma.gnolia wouldn’t recognise the blog. Fortunately, Ma.gnolia gave a helpful error: 406 Not Acceptable

I looked at a number of posted fixes, with no joy. The problem is with Apache’s mod_security plugin.  At last I resorted to my web host‘s tech support.  Within a couple of hours they cheerfully fixed the problem, and I was away.  Hurrah!

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