Global What?

I’ve had people stare at me in openmouthed disbelief, unable to comprehend my stubborn recalcitrance in the face of Pope Al Gore’s dire proclamations of Man’s Deadly Sins against Holy Mother Earth. I’ve been called several choice imprecatory names alluding to my intellectual and moral deficiency for failing to accept the Gospel According to Al as god-breathed scripture. And yet, every so often, someone points out that perhaps all is not quite as dire as all that.

THE STARK headline appeared just over a year ago. “2007 to be ‘warmest on record,’ ” BBC News reported on Jan. 4, 2007. Citing experts in the British government’s Meteorological Office, the story announced that “the world is likely to experience the warmest year on record in 2007,” surpassing the all-time high reached in 1998.

But a funny thing happened on the way to the planetary hot flash: Much of the planet grew bitterly cold.
Br-r-r! Where did global warming go? – The Boston Globe

Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe Man is responsible for his own inevitable extinction. Maybe the planet is as bad off as Saint Al preaches. But I just can’t accept that the only viable solution is to regulate every human on the planet, give unprecedented power to politicians, and feel overwhelmingly guilty for the sin of living.

Sorry, Agent Smith, humans are not a virus. We are the hybrid offspring of the divine and the mundane, spirit and flesh, immortal and mortal. We are unique creations of a perfect Creator. We are flawed by our own choices, and flawed by the choices of others, but with utterly limitless potential built in. We can be perfected–not by mortals, not by politicians, not by leaders, not by authorities, but by the One who made us.

Nobody wants human extinction. Nobody wants to destroy the world. We use those as convenient strawmen to rally armies and voters, but they’re empty shadows.

We all want the same things, and it’s time we embrace each other and let each other pursue those things in peace and freedom. Love. Food. Joy. Acceptance. Peace. Meaning.


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3 thoughts on “Global What?”

  1. 10-15 years from now, or maybe 150 years from now, scientists will be warning us of the dire consequences of “global cooling” as the earth ends the cycle of warming and goes to the cycle of cooling again. A few thousand years later (if the Lord doesn’t return sooner), global warming will again be the warning. It’s cyclical man!!

  2. How does global warming == localized cooling?

    Increased global temperatures >
    Faster melting in the Arctic >
    More fresh water in the North Atlantic >
    Atlantic Current stalls due to decreased salinity (see thermohaline circulation) >
    Gulf Stream stalls or alters course, reducing temperatures over the eastern portions of North America and all of Europe.

    Younger Dryas, Part 2. Bring your coats.

  3. A-a-a-and we have record low temperatures in Western Canada this year. Again. So not just eastern North America and all of Europe. Hmm… methinks we’ve still not got the whole picture.

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