Steps to Bringing My Motorcycle on Vacation (updated)

This list is longer than I originally intended…

  1. Purchase motorcycle trailer. (complete)
  2. Book appointment to insure trailer. (complete)
  3. Realise that vendor gave me the wrong paperwork, and the trailer cannot be insured. (complete)
  4. PANIC!!! (complete)
  5. Call vendor and politely demand that we correct problem. (complete)
  6. Meet with very repentant vendor at the insurance place and get paperwork done. (Complete)
  7. Purchase trailer hitch. (complete sort of completeComplete.)
  8. Find out that the trailer hitch should have shipped with a drawbar, but didn’t. Find out that the drawbar will not arrive until Saturday — after we’re at the condo. (Complete)
  9. PANIC!!! (complete)
  10. Try to find a drawbar elsewhere. (pending FAILED Complete)
  11. Book appointment to have hitch installed. (complete)
  12. Have trailer hitch installed. (Pending Complete.)
  13. pull motorcycle on trailer to the condo! (Pending FAILED Complete.)

Despite checking everywhere, no-one had a drawbar for the trailer hitch I had installed. Lordco somehow failed to ship the drawbar with the trailer hitch, but because of the Good Friday holiday, they wouldn’t have the drawbar until Saturday. I leave for the condo on Friday morning.

So I have trailer, trailer hitch, ball, ball pin, and heavy-duty strapping to hold the bike in place. But I have no drawbar. So the bike stays home.