Bait and Switch: Part One

The idea of going back to Briercrest has just not left me alone. The details are totally unclear—why would I go there and what would I do? But the direction thought of going remains. The thought just wouldn’t leave us alone, so we decided to drive to Caronport, Saskatchewan and “smell the air” out there, giving God the opportunity to speak to us. Parallel to this thought, I had an overwhelming urge to visit my Dad’s church in Schuler, Alberta and play my song “Whatever” for them. I felt strongly that they needed to hear the song’s message.

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To the Plane, Boss

Thálion at the Airport
On Friday (June 6) we drove to Spokane, Washington (about 275 km) to put Thálion on the plane to Boot Camp. He had to be on the plane at 6 am on Saturday.

So much could be said, but suffice it to say it went well.

On the Road

We returned to Robson and watched Celia’s dance recital. We expected to leave for Schuler (about 890km) in the morning, but the urgency was strong to leave right away. So we left at about 11pm.

Usually I can bull through long road trips, but this trip was different. After about 90 minutes (to Creston, BC), I could barely keep my eyes open. My lovely wife took over and drove another 90 minutes (to Cranbrook, BC) whilst I slept. We traded off all the way to Schuler in a remarkable experience of teamwork and partnership, arriving just in time for the church service. No time for shower or shave!

The theme of the service was “Stepping Out in Faith”. I played my song just before the sermon… and then Dad spoke about risky obedience, being willing to obey God even when it’s uncomfortable. Bonne and I exchanged glances throughout—this was hitting very close to home.

To be continued.

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