July First

On a day like today, when the patriotic among us are celebrating national identity, I am tempted to write prolonged rants about how patriotism is merely a subset of nationalism, which is a subset of collectivism. About how the evils perpetrated by nationalism far outweigh any goodness or nobility inspired by patriotism. About how it promotes an “us-vs-them” mentality as opposed to healthy individualism or the Rastafarians’ inclusive collectivist “I and I” ideology.

But I’ve got other things to do today. Have a great one.

One thought on “July First”

  1. Uh…a lot of people can say the same things about Christianity, not just nationalism J 😉 My perspective of nationalism has changed since living overseas. But no matter how you feel about one’s home country, or the evils of patriotism, your identity is wrapped up in where you’re from, how you speak…and quite frankly, you end up defending that. After having to explain to people that Canadians are not the same as Americans for the bazillionth time!

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