Post-Election Musings

Well, well, well. The lesser of two evils became the president of the United States. That’s certainly better than the alternative, although McCain’s concession speech was pretty cool (minus the lame booing).

I’m looking at some of the numbers, and they seem weird to me.

I’m no rabid political wonk. The details are only interesting to the extent that they make up an overall story. So maybe there’s an explanation.

My general impression is that the previous two elections were a hair’s breadth from fifty-fifty. Perhaps the Demoplicans got slightly more votes, but the Republicrats won it in electoral college “points”.

This time, George W. Bush’s approval rating plummeted into the toilet. He (supported by both Republicrats and Demoplicans) has wantonly spent the United States into an amazingly precarious economic position. He has increased the military dramatically and upset and offended much of America’s erstwhile allies.

And from what the numbers look like to me, Obama got 52.3% to McCain’s 46.4% of the popular vote.

I would have expected results similar to the 1993 Canadian Federal Election, where the outgoing Progressive Conservatives were nearly obliterated. Certainly I never expected this race to be so close.

7.2 million more people voted for Obama than McCain. That is more people than the total number of people that voted for the winning Conservative party in Canada in 2008. That’s unquestionably significant. Perhaps that speaks to the significant increase in voter turnout this time; perhaps the anger at Bush or hopefulness towards Obama sparked those millions to come out and vote, where they otherwise wouldn’t. I hope it’s more hope than anger, but anger is a tremendous motivator.

But still, the percentages are remarkably close. And so those that do support Obama and have tremendously high hopes for him ought to be planning 2012 right now, because clearly America is still desperately divided.

Perhaps Mr Obama will succeed in winning over his opponents. Perhaps he won’t turn out to be the rabid socialist some of his opponents fear. Perhaps he isn’t any of the “scary” things he was accused of being. Maybe he’ll curtail some of Bush’s spendthrift ways, recall soldiers back home, reduce the deficit, restore lost freedoms, and start following the Constitution. Perhaps he will unify a dangerously divided nation and restore freedom, hope, and dignity to the American people.

And perhaps 2012 will increase the margin between Obama and the neoConservatives that have dominated the Republican party for a long time.

I would like nothing more than to see the warmonger, grossly fiscally irresponsible, freedom-eliminating neoCon group become a thing of the past. Maybe this is just the impetus to do it.

Here’s hoping.


Oh—and I just don’t get the skin-colour issue thing. “Historical vote… first non-white president… is he black enough…”

Listen. Guys. America. Would you grow up already? Skin colour is irrelevant, okay? Culture and religion play a rôle, but skin colour? Seriously? Get over it. All of y’all. Yeah, I’m lookin’ at you, Louis, as well as the white supremacist and other racist morons.

Congratulations, President Obama. May you suck less than most politicians do, and move America closer to what her founders intended.

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