Merry Christmas!

The Jewish Messiah might not have been born on December 25th, AD Zero. (It was may have been springtime; the exact year is debated.) He may have had an entirely ordinary name (Joshua).

Nevertheless, he was born, lived a life free of the usual human errors, preached a remarkable Message for a brief three-year period, was executed by a collusion of religious and governmental leaders, and miraculously returned to life. And one day, every sentient being, willingly or not, will acknowledge Jesus as Master of the Universe.

He changed the lives of those he met. Those he changed were so completely transformed that their eyewitness testimony of the Messiah, combined with experiences of Yahweh choosing to live inside them, likewise transformed the planet.

And December 25 is as good a day to remember and celebrate that birth as any.

Merry Christmas, everybody.