Go Vote NO

“No matter who you vote for… the Government always gets in.”
—Author Unknown

Many Canadians are disaffected by the political process. They realise the governments are all the same. They realise true change rarely happens.

Maybe they even realise that it’s not “Left vs Right” or “Progressive vs Conservative” or any of those handy labels we affix to one another.

It’s the Government vs you.

If you have come to this realisation, go out in the next election and vote “None of the above is acceptable.”

I take a big black felt marker and a pen-style tube of white-out. My vote is counted as “spoiled”. But I would much rather register my protest with all the candidates than hold my nose and vote with “the lesser of evils” — which is still evil. I would rather register my protest than join the masses who believe their voice won’t be heard anyway, so why bother voting at all?

I’ll be voting “none of the above is acceptable” in British Columbia’s next provincial election. What will you do?


2 thoughts on “Go Vote NO”

  1. My understanding is that a spoiled ballot is simply a spoiled
    ballot and does not count as a protest against each candidate. If
    you wish to protest, when you go to the voting station and are
    handed your ballot, simply hand it back and tell them to register
    your vote as “decline”. You may want to look into this, but it is
    my understanding that a “decline” holds more weight than a simply
    spoiled ballot.

  2. Worth more research. I’d still like to see the reaction of the politicos when the ballot-counters report 60% spoiled ballots.

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