Canada: Refuse the TSA’s Example


Alex Atemenanko, MLA for BC Southern Interior
Chuck Strahl, Minister of Transportation
Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of Canada
Dennis Bevington, NDP Transportation Critic
Joe Volpe, Liberal Transportation Critic
Michael Ignatieff, Liberal Leader


Jason Friesen
xxxxxxxx, BC Vxx xxx

Honourable Ministers:

I am writing to express my great concern about the “enhanced” security procedures Canada is beginning to implement at airports, following the example of the American TSA.

These procedures are an unacceptable breach of civil liberties and basic human rights everywhere they are implemented.

It is unconscionable that we Canadians will follow the failed example of the United States in implementing the Backscatter “naked” scanners. It is completely unacceptable that Canadians are feeling “sexually assaulted” by government officials.

It is well-established that these procedures do nothing to improve the security of Canadians (or Americans, or anyone else), but merely condition citizens to sacrifice any and all privacy and civil liberty rights in the name of false “security”. Rather, Israel’s airport security practices have long been established as neither a violation, nor particularly irritating to travellers. Israel is a tiny democracy surrounded by countries dedicated to her annihilation. And when was the last time an Israeli airplane was terrorised?

While Mr Ignatieff may feel that “it’s no big deal to… have people touching my private parts all day long” or be photographed naked by government officials, many Canadians feel otherwise.

Radiation risk is not even the point. Whether this gross violation happens in public or private is not the point. It is unnecessary invasion of citizens’ privacy and basic rights that is the problem.

Gentlemen, I implore you to take a stand and stop this disgusting practice of “naked” scanners and invasive groping immediately. Rest assured that my family and I will not be flying until these practices are ended.


Jason Friesen

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  1. I could not have written a better letter. I am reminded of the viewers screens in Winston Smith’s apartment. Government slowly eroding, no, erasing our liberties.

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