It Happened One Night at the Opera

Rossland Light Opera Players Present a Musical Comedy by Joseph S Fuoco and Kathleen M LaRoque. Directed by Bonne Friesen. Produced by Dawn Graham.

Playing at the Charles Bailey Theatre in Trail
Adults $17 / Under 12 Years old $12

  • February 26 at 7:30pm
  • February 27 at 7:30 pm
  • February 28 at 2:30 pm

Playing at Rossland Secondary School
All seats $15

  • March 5 at 7:00pm
  • March 6 at 2:00 pm
It Happened One Night at the Opera
It Happened One Night at the Opera

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Amazing Automobile Tricks

Techno Jeep

A group of friends write a techno song, played exclusively using a Jeep and captured on tape.

V8 Engine made of Lego

I had lots of Lego bricks as a kid. But I never, ever built anything like this.

Large Image

Hand-built scale model Ferrari 312

This nutter built a perfect, working model of a Ferrari 312 by hand.

My dad always told me to pursue a balanced life. Not so this guy.

Chase Scene from Bullitt

Until today, I had often heard of, but never viewed, the iconic chase scene from Bullitt with Steve McQueen.

Today, I understand a little of why it is The referenced chase scene with which all others are compared.

And apparently, I need to watch The World’s Fastest Indian. Hmm… maybe I do…

Rocking the OSX Finder

I just downloaded the Alpha version of TotalFinder from Binary Age and I love it! I’m not much for Alpha software, but this is great.

The ability to have tabs in Apple OSX’s Finder alone is worth the price of entry. I’m terrible for having a gazillion Finder windows open at once; this helps me really keep sensibly organised.

A main focus of the project is to add a dual panel mode (like in good old Norton Commander) to the Finder. I was never a Commander guy, but I’ve heard many folks longing after it, and nearly every FTP program uses a similar interface.

Hey, why are you still reading this? Go get TotalFinder already.