I Love My Mac

But sometimes it scares me.

Once upon a time I bought a laptop. An Apple laptop. I named her Mary.

I had some problems with my Apple laptop. I got a new Apple laptop. I named him Enoch.

Recently, my battery started acting weird. Weird as in failing to hold a charge longer than about five minutes. Weird as in after five minutes without being plugged into AC power, it would shut down hard. That’s bad.
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Sold the house in Trail. Will be back in our home in Robson by the end of the month. Painting madly, putting down laminate flooring in living room, kitchen, and hall. The help of our good friends the Krahns has been invaluable — painting, advice, and assorted help beyond the call of duty.

Hopefully everything will settle down by the end of the month…

Update: Turns out the sale has fallen through. We’re still moving, house is still on the market, I’ll probably do up a marketing-style website for it.

Five-bedroom heritage home for sale in Trail, BC.

Web Development != Graphic Design

Information architecture. Usability. Accessibility. Web standards. If you don’t know about these things, stop designing websites until you have learned. Competence in graphic design is merely a baseline; it does not qualify you to create user experiences for the web.

Canada Cell Phone Companies Suck

I shudder every time I hear someone say, “The government ought to…”

Canadians seem to love to have their governments regulate things, believing somehow that bureaucracy makes their lives better. When it comes to cell phone data plans, nothing is further from the truth.

According to ThomasPurves.com, Canada lags behind such innovative, progressive countries as Rwanda when it comes to reasonable cell phone data transfer plans. Telus ranks the best ($375 to transfer 500MB of data), compared with progressive Rwanda’s $74.

Check it out: Canada Worse than 3rd World Countries when it comes to Mobile Data Access

Free Music Online

The Free Music Project has set up a system to collect and display all music “as long as it is available under a license for sharing and collaboration.”

In support of this venture, we uploaded four songs from the Soul Kin project that Martin “Andy” David and I did back in 1999. They’re at the top of the “new music” list for now, but for future reference, they are:

More info available at the Soul Kin project.

Diversity Wars

My respect for Eric Meyer just increased (yet again). He had the courage to say that gender or race is not a valid criterion for selecting speakers at An Event Apart. For stating this, he seems to have been castigated by some very heavy hitters, which is a real shame. Because both Meyer and his detractors want the same thing: fair treatment of worthy people on the basis of merit, not gender or race.
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Today in History:

1851: The first issue of the New York Daily Times appears. The word “Daily” will be dropped from the newspaper’s title six years later.

1927: The Columbia Broadcasting System was born.

1947 – The U.S. Air Force, an independent military service, was established by the National Security Act.

1977: The Voyager I spacecraft (launchedon Sep 5, 1977 from cape Canaveral, FL) snapped the first photograph showingthe earth and moon together.

1991: Bonnie Jeanne Boyko dates Jason Perry Friesen for the first time.

Fifteen years later, it’s still goin’ on.

Bonn, you are an amazing woman. You rock my world. Here’s to the continuing legend.

(nod to the Old Man)

Entertaining Reading – SPAM

Who writes these spam emails, anyways?

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Somebody clearly has way too little to do.  It reminds me of Zero Wing, for pity’s sake.

"With virtuous puma!!"