From: Jason Friesen
Sent: June 21, 2006 4:15 PM
To: Atamanenko, Alex – M.P.
CC: Jack Layton (NDP Leader), Alexa McDonough (NDP Foreign Affairs Critic), Wayne Marston (NDP D.C. of Foreign Affairs for Human Rights), Stephen Harper (Prime Minister of Canada), Jean-Pierre Blackburn (Minister of Labour), David Emerson (Minister for International Trade), Peter Mackay (Minister of Foreign Affairs).
Subject: From a Trail Constituent re: Israel

Dear Mr Atamenko

As I’m sure you’re aware, CUPE Ontario[1] has passed a resolution[2] boycotting Israel. As a constituent of BC Southern Interior, I’m very distressed by this one-sided attack on Israel, a tiny democracy in the midst of several large countries dedicated to its destruction[3].

This badly biased resolution is extremely distressing to Jews and to their supporters (of which I am one). In fact, this resolution is apparently causing great division within the labour movement[4].

I strongly encourage you to join with B’nai Brith[5], the Simon Wiesenthal Center[6] and myself in protesting this bigoted action against Israel.


Jason Friesen
752 Rossland Avenue
Trail, BC V1R 3N3

[1] http://www.cupe.on.ca/
[2] http://www.cupe.on.ca/www/background_on_resolution_50
[3] http://abcnews.go.com/International/wireStory?id=1251789
[4] http://www.cjnews.com/viewarticle.asp?id=9506
[5] http://www.bnaibrith.ca/CUPEPetition.html
[6] http://www.wiesenthal.com/

CUPE Ontario’s Resolution 50

CUPE Ontario recently passed Resolution 50 calling for a boycott of Israel over its building of a security wall to reduce violent attacks against its citizens. This resolution also pledges to “develop an education campaign about the apartheid nature of the Israeli state and the political and economic support of Canada for these practices.”

In response, the Simon Wiesenthal Center produced the following advertisement which they ran in The National Post.
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It Begins Again

Politicians are liars.  Vote none of the above.

Once again, power-seekers are preparing their empty rhetoric, hoping to convince the populace to grant them power to control our lives. Whether they believe they’re doing something honourable, or they know it’s simply lust for power, they seek the power to legislate our lives, to take the fruit of our labours.

Most Canadians vote against parties, not for them. They vote to keep “the lesser of the evils” out of office. But the lesser of evils is still evil.

Canadians like to make “protest votes”, voting for those they don’t really agree with, for those they don’t believe will win. To me, this isn’t wise. If you don’t agree with someone, don’t believe in their policies, don’t vote for them.

Sooner or later, all but the most idealist will realise that they are all the same. They wear different colours and bark different ideologies, but the bottom line is they want to control you, and force you to do what they think is best for you.

But they don’t own your life.

This time, register your protest. Register to vote. Go to the polls. And write on your ballot another little box. Check it, and write beside that box, “NONE OF THE ABOVE. PLEASE REGISTER MY PROTEST AGAINST ALL CANDIDATES.”

If enough people did that, we might alert the powers that be that Canadians are ready to own their own lives, and no longer sell them to the politicos.

The Philosophy of Liberty

An Animated Introduction to the Philosophy of Liberty

I love principles. The intellectual presuppositions that drive your more specific thoughts, actions, and beliefs. That’s why I’m such a big fan of Bastiat’s The Law and similar sorts of things.

The first link in this post, “An Animated Introduction to the Philosophy of Liberty” from Free Market.net is one of those type of philisophical principle documents that I really dig. The art is iconographic, which speaks to the foundational nature of the principles. The writing only dips into the “angry white man” tone a couple of times, tending to keep a mostly disinterested tone. I’m not a big fan of the music, but that’s mostly because I have other music going at the same time. I wish I could play the screensaver-version (which loops endlessly) over the info-monitors at the College I work at. Ha!

Why Libertarian Politics Would Lead to Peace, and Why Non-Libertarians Oppose Them So Violently

The mere mention of basic libertarian principles in most circles is enough to elicit red-cheeked, saliva-flying rage. One would think that a simple principle like the Zero Aggression Principle would be seen positively by rational minds.
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A Plan to Restore Local Hospitals

There has been a serious uproar in many of the local communities around my hometown. Many have had their hospitals downgraded to “emergency facilities” or eliminated altogether. Residents fear that a lack of 24-hour hospital service will inevitably lead to situations where the sick or injured will not be able to make it to a health facility quickly enough to prevent serious complications or even death.

This is a very valid concern.
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Christians and Israel: What Should Our Relationship Be to Them?

It is impossible to live in our modern world unfamiliar with the Nation of Israel, unless you are deliberately avoiding all contact with the outside world. At the time of this writing, there is only one nation in the world that has a national policy of support for the Nation of Israel: the United States. Every other nation is either condemning Israel or, at best, remaining neutral towards them, while fanatic religious terrorists attack her daily.
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