Falling into Grace

I’ve always liked John Fischer’s writing. I remember a few instances where I caught a preacher plagiarising one of Mr Fischer’s articles for sermon material, without appropriate credit.

His latest article, Fall Into Grace, highlights how Grace isn’t something that we aspire to achieve; it’s what we get when we hit rock bottom. It’s where I had to get before God changed my heart towards my wife.

You don’t fall from grace; you fall into grace. Grace is not up; grace is down. Grace is what you finally understand when you fall. In fact, until you’re down and broken, you can’t even know what grace is. Oh you may be able to define it, and illustrate it so that it sounds like you know what you’re talking about, but you never know grace until it reaches you personally in the depths of your own brokenness. Thus a fall into grace is really a fall into your salvation.
John Fischer

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