Protect Canadians Against Copyright Profiteering

Write a letter to Ottawa and help stop the Canadian DMCA

Canada is soliciting input from Canadians regarding changing copyright laws. Big Media’s voice is being heard. Is yours?

My family creates copyrightable material: stories, poetry, songs and recordings thereof. With liberal copyright options (such as Creative Commons — our creations can be consumed widely whilst appropriately attributing the works to us. That’s much more useful than “all-or-nothing” laws.

We also have many friends and associates in formal arts and entertainment industries. The various attempts by Canada to deal with modern realities have only benefitted corporations and lobbyists, not artists. We have an opportunity to do something truly different, and liberalise Canada’s copyright laws. We could defy the powerful corporate slaveowners that offer chains masquerading as contracts.

We cannot stop piracy; it would be a neverending war that will never end. The only benefit is to keep citizens in fear, artists broke and bureaucrats employed. It is absolutely not worth it.

What follows is a letter written and sponsored by the Canadian Coalition for Electronic Rights. That’s the letter that you’d be encouraged to send by clicking the banner above.

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Election 2008

Elections always fascinate and disgust me. It’s not the voting—countless people have fought and died for the right to vote. It’s not the campaigning—everyone ought to have the right to advocate or advertise for their point of view, and I reserve the right to turn off my radio or television or web browser and utterly ignore those message.

What fascinates and disgusts me is the rabid enthusiasm and hero-worship people have for their desired political leaders. And the venomous hatred each side feels for the others’ points of view.
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