Amazing Automobile Tricks

Techno Jeep

A group of friends write a techno song, played exclusively using a Jeep and captured on tape.

V8 Engine made of Lego

I had lots of Lego bricks as a kid. But I never, ever built anything like this.

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Hand-built scale model Ferrari 312

This nutter built a perfect, working model of a Ferrari 312 by hand.

My dad always told me to pursue a balanced life. Not so this guy.

Chase Scene from Bullitt

Until today, I had often heard of, but never viewed, the iconic chase scene from Bullitt with Steve McQueen.

Today, I understand a little of why it is The referenced chase scene with which all others are compared.

And apparently, I need to watch The World’s Fastest Indian. Hmm… maybe I do…

On the road again

Heading out on the highway on Saturday morning with my baby brother Curtis, my uncle Vic, and Curtis’ brother-in-law Lloyd. Should be a good time.

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We’ll leave Castlegar in the morning and head to Grand Forks and Rock Creek on the Crowsnest Highway #3 and then Highway #33 to Kelowna. This will take us past the Nancy Greene summit, the Blueberry-Paulson summit and over the pass past Big White Ski Resort.

After Kelowna, we’ll ride the “back side” of Okanagan Lake to Vernon, where apparently we’re staying overnight in a yurt. The next day it’s Highway #6 to the Needles-Fauquier Ferry across the Lower Arrow Lake, and then along the lake to Nakusp.

After Nakusp, we continue along Highway #6 through the Slocan Valley back to Castlegar.

Good times!

Sneaking in a Ride

The driving rain subsided to a trickle, and then stopped. After an hour or so, I packed up some rags and chrome polish and wandered out to the bike to see what I could do to the pipes. I scrubbed industriously for awhile, and they started looking really nice again.

It dawned on me that it was warm, sunny, with just a light breeze. I checked the temperature: twelve degrees Celsius. Hmm… roads are dry too…

My beautiful wife was feeling tired and uncomfortable. But with happy, enthusiastic persistence, I managed to convince her to come out for a ride.
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