652 Steps to Creating a Content Strategy

Content is everything that the web is about. Everything.

Any organisation that has anything to say to anyone anywhere needs to seriously sit down and strategise the systematic creation of content.

The Marketing Impact of Content Strategy
The Marketing Impact of Content Strategy

You can create a content strategy the easy way or the hard way. The difference is that the hard way works.

Read “How to Create a Content Strategy (In Only 652 Steps)” by Portent, Inc.

Removing Zero-Byte Files (0b)

I recently saw a server glitch where an automated system created thousands of files with no content—0b. Once they were created, they became really hard to remove.

I solved it by running:

find /srv/www/ -size 0b

This let me know where all the funky files were. Then I tested on a deep folder… and then:

find /srv/www/ -size 0b -delete

removed them all, allowing the system to re-publish them correctly.

Fascinating Online Wireframe Tool – iPlotz.com

iPlotz.com is a fascinating online wireframe tool. Simple drag-and-drop tools (in an attractive pencil-sketch style) make it easy for even a non-designer like me to map out a common web interface. This includes, of course, forms that are increasingly in demand.

I’m sure this would be very handy even for a graphic designer, although some may feel it hampers creativity by excessive handholding. Personally, I need that sparkplug kickstart to get going.

check out iPlotz.com

Why You Shouldn’t Delete Content

From time to time, some of my colleages that use our college’s Content Management System have a desire to remove all traces of certain content from the web site. For example, sometimes a course or program gets cancelled, and staff are concerned that students will try to sign up for the cancelled offering. Let me offer an alternative perspective.

Purging information from your website has some seriously negative consequences with respect to your ability to control your content, encourage external links to your site, improving keyword indexing, and potential re-introduction of the program.
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